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The Wood Sheep
James The Wood Sheep

James - The Wood Sheep

The Wood Sheep

Generally surrounded by a bevy of friends, these Sheep enjoy being in the midst of a crowd. People flock to these Sheep, possibly because they are so compassionate and helpful. Their sincerity can be taken advantage of and Wood Sheep may get their feelings hurt by undeserving sympathy seekers. Sometimes, Wood Sheep need to suppress their caring ways and take care of themselves.
Animal SymbolAncient Symbol
The SheepThe Stop Sign

Element Symbol
Positive Sheep Traitsappealing, altruistic, creative, empathetic, intuitive, generous, artless, gentle, romantic, sensitive, compliant, candid and self-effacing darlings
Negative Sheep Traitsself-pitying, pessimistic, fugitive, parasitic, vengeful, lazy, indecisive, contentious, violent, capricious, irresponsible, tardy, careless, bigoted, nasty little pieces of work
Chinese Zodiac SheepSheep are nurturers. They enjoy taking care of other people. Like their animal counterpart, Sheep people are pretty calm individuals. Their personalities are quiet, reserved and soothing. They like to be in the company of others but do not wish to be in the middle of everything. They like standing in the back, watching contently from the sidelines, as others dazzle the company. Sheep will generally do better than they are aware because they are so good at keeping the peace and accomplishing the tasks at hand.

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