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The Ox Expanse

A place for Oxen of the Chinese Zodiac

"One hair of a woman can draw more than a hundred pair of oxen."

- James Howell


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Shelly - The Water Dog wrote
on May 20, 2017 @ 6:18 am
Thanks for answering Steve! This really is a great idea. I hate to see an idea like this go to waste. I don't know whether or not this helps but I know there are free app builders that claim no coding. Apps that build apps and even an extension to google chrome. They claim to be free but they probably put their own adds all over the place. I've never built an app or used an app builder but I thought about it before! I've built a webpage the old way and and it's a lot of work! If it's anything like a webpage builder you could use the app free to create the code for you and then copy the coding and ditch the app. I see a lot of webpages with a donate button as well. Usually, the button is linked to PayPal because PayPal is easy to use, trusted and of course free. It can't hurt as long as you're not forcing anyone to give. I understand and others should understand as well. You have a life, a job, a schedule and this takes time. You may be surprised at people's willingness to pitch in even just a dollar. The more you update the more traffic you should get. You have a great idea and a monopoly on it right now. Don't let someone else steal your idea and make a page buried in ads. I've never seen any site that combines things the way this does. A one stop website for all your horoscopes.... Oh and one more thing, you could use some more tags for the search engine hehe... This is kind of funny but not good for future revenue... Here's how I find the page when I'm on a device without the bookmark. I go into my e-mail, do a search with keywords to find a link that was sent to me to change my password a long time ago. The link has the webpage. I think this page is the best and I hope that it will literally pay so that it grows and grows!

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